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Outlaw Pyro

Please be advised that when you buy any product from Outlaw Pyro you have agreed to the following:
  I certify that I am at least 18 years of age, that there are no laws which prohibit me from purchasing, recieving, or possesing these fireworks, and that I understand and agree with the terms listed hereafter. Furthermore, I assume total liability and responsibility for compliance with all applicable laws concerning possesion, reciept, shipping, handling, transportation, use, storeage, safety, discharge, ignition, resale, giving, destruction, disposition, ect.

Terms: When purchasing fireworks from Outlaw Pyro you will be required to sign a purchaser form (8.04.180) which state the laws for buying fireworks in Nye County. But we do not know the laws in your particular situation so we must leave this matter entirely up to you to research and satisfy. When you agree to our terms you are stating that you have all necessary permits. It is then your responsibility and not Outlaw Pyros to ensure you can legally posses these fireworks. If you reside in a state that requires a permit you agree that you have obtained such a permit(s) prior to purchasing any products. Persons not having permits in these states run the risk of fines and/or confiscation of fireworks without any recourse to Outlaw Pyro. No assurance or guarentee is given as to saftey, reliability, function, or quality, and all fireworks are sold as-is with no refunds or exchanges. All sales are final.
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2280 W. Betty
Pahrump, Nevada

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